For its second season, from November 16, 2022 to April 15, 2023, FOROF presents Sortilegio, a site-specific solo exhibition by Alex Cecchetti, artist, poet, gardener and choreographer. The artist has conceived a shamanic environment where different elements lead the public to abandon itself and encounter Nature.


Through sounds, narratives and scents, the show is an ode to nature and an invitation to identify with it reminding us that we owe our lives to other species, like the air we breathe is acquired from the oceans and forests. In this cohabitation and interdependence, however, we have forgotten love. Although we love this planet, habits have clouded us for too long. With this spell, the artist wants to draw the heart out of the chest of anyone who is involved.


"In the environmental urgency we are experiencing today, it is all too clear to everyone how counterproductive it is to control and exploit Nature as a resource to which nothing is owed, not even respect. - Says Alex Cecchetti - It is counterproductive because Nature always wins, the seed always wins, it is we who lose. We are nature, we are part of it, we won’t cease being part of it even when we’re dead. It is however our very being as a species, our own life that is in danger.”