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Art Talk with Giovanna Caruso Fendi, Carolina Conforti & Fabien Vallerian. On a bright morning on Nov. 25, 2023, at FOROF, we celebrated art, culture and conviviality with our exclusive "Champagne Breakfast." The event was a moment of meeting and exchange between art lovers, important collectors and personalities from the cultural world, in an elegant and refined setting. 

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Exibart journalist Chiara Cianni dedicated an article to the "FOROF ESSENZA" special season, interviewing Silvia Giambrone, the protagonist of the episode that took place on 15 June, in which the artist read and interpreted extracts from the book "Il libro dell´Incontro. Vittime e responsabili della lotta armata a confronto" (curated by G. Bertagna, A. Ceretti, C. Mazzucato, Il Saggiatore, 2015), linked with the theme chosen for the special season: freedom.  

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TG Rai 3


On 24 May 2023, Donatalle Ansovini´s report about the FOROF ESSENZA Special Season was shown on Rai 13. The journalist interviewed FOROF founder Giovanna Caruso Fendi and perfume creator Laura Bosetti Tonatto.

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The Art Talk Magazine


The creator of ´The Art Talk Magazine´, Carolina Conforti, interviewed Giovanna Caruso Fendi for her magazine, devoting wide space to FOROF, discussing the link between contemporary art and archaeology, and then going on to talk about the "Episodes", collecting and the goals of the cultural start-up.

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