The FOROF Episodes are a program of cultural and artistic experiences of a relational, participatory and multidisciplinary nature, which activate the multifunctional space with performance events, readings, talks, musical interventions and much more. The target is to bring the public closer to contemporary art on a stage where the role of the spectator is confused and intertwined with that of the performer, encouraging the exchange and understanding of the different creative forms and artistic languages.

The programming of the FOROF Episodes - which end with a food and wine journey in dialogue with the artists curated by Rimessa Roscioli - fits into the context of the cultural and artistic life of the city with a project with an experimental and innovative vocation. By booking and purchasing the ticket on our website, the public can participate in an exclusive and immersive event that delves into the themes of the ongoing site-specific exhibition.

In choosing the programming of the Episodes FOROF is supported by a prestigious curatorial team.
(Public enjoyment of archaeological finds).



Thursday, 7pm (2 hours)
Foro Traiano, 1 - Roma

Event in Progress



Tuesday, 7pm (2 hours)
Foro Traiano, 1 - Roma

Event Ended